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We used it back when it was called Pyramids or something like that. It starts with a two word sentence, then adds a word each time in a new sentence, until your sentence is, IDK, 10-12 words long, right?

The idea is to build fluency, I believe.


It's just one tool in the box. Didn't find it particularly harmful or helpful.

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We purchased this along with Phonics Pathways. Once my dd was able to start it we would do one pyramid a day and I would have her write the final sentence as copywork. It gave her a boost to her confidence and she enjoyed the little silly sentences. I took learning to read very slowly with her and did not push for her to be reading out of books where she would need to be decoding and worrying about comprehension (not that I expected comprehension but she would have been frustrated not to be able to follow the story). She was able to practice tracking and concentrating on one word at a time. The other thing I liked was that by the end of the pyramid she had read much of the sentence over several times. This meant that by the time she read the complete sentence she read it much more fluently than if she had had to read it out word by word from the beginning. I think hearing herself reading fluently was very helpful. Even now when she reads from books I will catch her skimming the sentence first before reading it aloud.


Now, all of that being said, I don't think that Reading Pathways is necessary for producing good readers. It was just a tool I used to produce a bit of interest and fun. It would probably be great for a reluctant reader and would be great for a dc that has trouble with tracking. HTH.:001_smile:

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