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Creative ideas needed--how to camouflage plastic plant pots?

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I have potted plants to place as table centerpieces for a church function. How can I disguise the plastic pots? The pots are about 6" tall, and shaped like a large plastic cup. The plants are burgundy chrysanthemums (sp?). I need a super-cheap way to either hide the pots, or make them more attractive.


I have brown paper lunch sacks, is there anything I can do with those?


ETA: Did I mention it needs to be cheap *and* not-labor-intensive? ;-)

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Are the pots a decent color?


If so you could put a strip of wrapping paper around the pot...either narrow like ribbon or wide to cover much of the pot. Use double stick tape, glue stick etc. so the seam doesn't show much.


You could also do this with the brown paper from the lunch bags...either leave it plain or dry brush with an appropriate color of paint. You could also burn the edges if that would look good with the plants.


If the paper strip idea will work you could also print something off the computer...quotes, clip art etc.


Also, could do colored strips cut with decorative scissors or pinking shears.



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Here's my ideas:


This might only be worth it if there's some kind of short cut.


Hot glue gun sticks all around them


Wrap fabric around tie with a ribbon, glue it down with hot glue gun



If you have crepe streamers in fall colors, you could wrap and glue from top to bottom so that it's layered.


Hot glue a ribbon, raffia, or lace tied in a bow. Simple, but better than nothing.

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I just remembered something else...


I once had to dress up plain votive cups. I just made vellum tubes to put around the votive cup. The tube was slightly bigger and didn't touch the cup at all.


You could adapt this to the plants also...then the pots wouldn't show at all. You could use any kind of paper as long as the 'tube' could stand up.

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