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Phonics Road Question


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ALl PR users can you explain how a typical lesson goes.


Is it scripted?


How is it similar or different from Barton's or Wilson's?






I'll try. I have 2 in Phonics Road Level One. My 2nd grader is on week 27 and my 1st grader on week 8.


Prep: You'll need to do a few things before you begin the lesson with your student. One-Watch the DVD and Two-take any notes down that will help you teach better. You will have in hand a completed student notebook, but I always make notes, in fact I actually make my own notebook. You will take less notes as time goes on because you get the hang of the program.


Lesson: The first four weeks you are introducing and working through letter, numbers, and consonant/vowel teams. A lesson will consist of teaching new letters and drilling already taught ones through dictation.


Week 5+ begins the spelling lists. I think I do pretty close to what Mrs. Beers suggests daily. Typically, you have about 4-6 daily words for 5 days. There are some days when you do a notebook page (called a building code) that explains a rule which is taught in place of the daily words. Here's what a daily lesson looks like for me. I have tried different ways, but this seems to be the swiftest and best for retention for my kiddos:



  1. Quick drilling of sounds and teams (I do this less often as time goes on)

  2. Spelling test on words from previous day and any more they may have missed (we write on a small white boards)

  3. New spelling words are taught (4-6 per day) through dictation

  4. Read through spelling words

  5. At some point (I forgot exactly where) they will begin writing two original sentences per week.

  6. Weeks 15+ they will read an illustrate from the "readers" one page per day (4 days per week)


Now that I've been doing it a while, it really goes quick. And believe it or not, they really do pick this stuff up and "get it!"


That is our day/week for Level One of Phonics Road. This is just one way to use it, like I said earlier, I use it pretty closely to the way Mrs. Beers suggests. Wish I could elaborate on Level 2 or higher because they step up in terms of reading and grammar. Hope that all makes sense.

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