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Post menopausal panic attacks-help!

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I'm really worried about my mom. She's always been in excellent health-exercises regularly, eats well, supplements-she does it all. Then, all of a sudden, her cholesterol is high, and then her blood pressure has spiked. Now, she's having these panic attacks.


The worry over the other 2 things hasn't helped, but she's tried praying, doing deep, controlled breathing, you name it. She did have a stress test & EKG, and they came out fine, but still has the panic. (Also had a blood test to check thyroid & other stuff)


I'm wondering if it's because of menopause. She still occasionally gets the hot flashes. Anyway, she doesn't want to take any hormone replacements, but I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this, and if there is anything natural that would help.


I feel so bad for her. Please, any advice would help.

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Magnesium helps me. I use a powdered supplement called Natural Calm that you mix with warm water to drink. You have to be careful, though, and find the right amount...taking too much has a laxative effect.

(There's a good book called The Magnesium Miracle by Carolyn Dean MD, ND that I've found to be helpful.)

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