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x-post: Help me work backwards from this math goal

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If I have a goal of Algebra 1 in 8th grade, then that means Pre-Alg. in 7th, and ??? in 6th... Would we need to be a full year ahead in any given math program to achieve this, or are there programs from which a bright math student can adequately jump straight into Pre-Alg. right after 6th grade math? If you're doing this too, (or especially if you have done it), please list the program(s) that are beefy enough in 5th & 6th to prepare for Pre-Alg, and the Pre-Alg & Alg that are "receptive" to young learners who haven't had 2 years of extra prep-time (the 7th grade math and, in some cases, 8th grade math we'd be skipping).

Thanks a bunch!

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We did Saxon a year ahead, and dd just started 7/6 at the end of 4th grade (she had some extra time left over at the end of the year, so we just plowed ahead). If we had stayed on track, she would have taken the rest of 7/6 in 5th, 8/7 in 6th, and if she was ready, Algebra 1 in 7th--if she wasn't ready, then Algebra 1/2 in 7th.


I'd take a Saxon placement test if you've never done Saxon and see where you come out. Either Alg 1/2 or Math 8/7 can be used as pre-Algebra. Only use the newest 8/7 if you are going this route--it was revised to be less review and more pre-Alg.


Don't know if that helps at all.:001_smile:

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Both my daughters did Abeka Math from 1-6th grade. In 7th they did

Pre-Algebra with the "Chalk dust for cheap text" and the Dana Mosley CD's, if needed. And they also did LOF fractions and decimals for fun!


This year, 8th grade, they are doing Algebra 1 with Larsons text and Dana Mosley CD's. They are actually almost finished and want to start Geometry in January.


At some point in elementary grades, they got ahead in math and we were ready for a new text in January/February instead of in September of the next year.


These both are children that are good at math but do not LOVE it! You asked about programs "receptive" to younger learners... The only problem or frustration we encountered was that Abeka was a worktext in which they just wrote in the book. It was new for them to use paper for their work. Not a big issue but just an adjustment.

Also, the number of problems in the pre-algebra text and Algebra text are overwhelming but they soon realizied that they didn't have to do them all. Usually every other odd... which also left many problems left over if they needed more review.


I have also heard the Basic College Math text works well for a Pre-Algebra but I do not have any experience with that text.




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Chris, my 4th grader places at-level in Saxon at 5/4. I'm thinking ahead for both he and my youngest, a 2nd grader. I know 8th gr. sounds like lightyears away, but if I don't think ahead on this, then at the end of 6th grade, dep. on what we've done or not, it may no longer be an option. Saxon doesn't easily lend itself to being rushed through, from what I've heard. Especially when you're using it exactly on the level your child is at. I've heard of people finishing up certain elementary programs (I wish I could remember which ones) and going straight into Pre-Alg. from other programs. Anybody know which ones those are that mesh well together?


Oh, I see we were typing at the same time, Grace! I'm glad to hear Abeka math worked out so well - that's one that I continually struggle with whether to let it go or just do it. We're currently doing Horizons w/ a little Singapore tossed in (usually word problems), but I keep doubting myself and getting the Abeka books back out to compare/contrast.

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I think many if not most math programs these days are calibrated to algebra I in 8th grade. The programs that I have used that are paced this way are:


Saxon (with the option of waiting until 9th by using Algebra 1/2)




My older son moved into Jacobs Algebra after MUS Beta-Zeta, as well as a smattering of Singapore 4-5 and Saxon 2-7/6. He never had prealgebra.

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Chris, my 4th grader places at-level in Saxon at 5/4. I'm thinking ahead for both he and my youngest, a 2nd grader.


Here's a possibility with Saxon:

4th: Saxon 5/4

5th: Saxon 6/5

6th: Saxon 7/6

7th: Saxon Alg. 1/2 (pre-algebra)

8th: Saxon Alg. 1

9th: Saxon Alg. 2

10th: optional geometry text (though Saxon incorporates geometry)

11th: pre-calc

12th: Calc


Also, if you need more time with Saxon or need to use the 8/7 text (which is for review or to beef up arithmetic skills before heading into pre-algebra), you could work year-round and easily get to pre-algebra by 7th grade.


I've used Saxon with all of my kids -- some a year ahead, some right on schedule.




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