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Unit Study... Planner?


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I'm going to try my hand at making a unit study, and was wondering if anyone had any websites, or links, or suggestions that would help me figure out how I'm supposed to do this thing. I've been collecting post-it notes, for years, of all my different ideas, and I'd like to finally act on them, but I'm really not sure how to go about it.

I have a friend who only does unit studies (that she designs herself... :blink:Supermom? I think so.), and she has this really organized folder for each unit study, complete with vocabulary words, related videos and books, science projects that go along with the theme, etc. I'd love to be that organized, but unlike her, I can't just sit down and come up with all that. I think I kind of need a template that I can follow, at least to start with.


Thanks y'all!

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Guest TheBugsMom

The Master Planner is not dedicated to unit study planning sheets, but it has several in it that would be very useful. Vocabulary pages, timeline sheets, unit study planners and overviews, general organizing pages and many other organizing charts. I bought this a year ago and have used many of their organizing pages from it. http://www.thehomeschoolshop.com/sh-masterplanner.htm

I have gotten my $5 worth out of it plus more.

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