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prayer request for my surgery tomorrow

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Hi everyone. I know I am not a long time member but I could really use all the prayers I can get right now.


I will be going in tomorrow for a bilateral mastectomy with immeadiate reconstruction. The surgery is scheduled to last approx 10 hours. I also have MS so I am afraid of what all this trauma to my body will do to that as well. If you could just please say a prayer or light a candle or even just cross your fingers for me I'd appreciate it. It is going to be a long surgery and a very long recovery time!


Thank you sooooo much!


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Dawn, this is such a scary thing to go through. I want you to know that I will be thinking of you all day tomorrow. I'm going to make sure that I stop a few times and say some prayers for you, your doctors and your family members. Remember, God's got you in His hands and there's no safer place to be. All things work to His glory.




Hope, faith and love.

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THANK YOU all so much for the prayers! It has been a LONG week and a half. I was admitted for surgery on the 10th and surgery lasted about 9.5 hours. I spent the next 4 hours in recovery. After I was moved to my room I received less than quality care from my nurse and it took 6 more hours to discover a hematoma forming on my right breast. It was then decided I needed to go back in for emergency surgery on my birthday to find the bleed and stop it. Luckily it was more of an ooze than a bleed so it was easily contained. Unfortunately my problems did not end there.


My blood loss from the original surgery, the bleed, the second surgery, and then my unexpected period arriving a week early caused my hemoglobin level to drop daily. What should have been a 4 day stay in the hospital was 6 days and was almost 7 but I talked them into letting me go. My hemoglobin dropped to a low of 7.0 the day I was released and just breathing was a chore. They did not want to give me a transfusion however because that could have effected clotting with the healing process.


Needless to say, your prayers were all felt and answered. Today is the very first day I have been able to get up and walk from one end of my house (1000 sqf) without needing a nap afterward. I have definately turned a corner with my healing and hope that we can get back to schooling in a few weeks but I will not push it at all, we started in July so we are ahead in that respect.


Thanks again for all the care and concern you all have shown a newie like myself. Please forgive me for spelling/grammar errors, I may be awake but still in a drug induced fog. :001_huh:


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