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Good SOTW2 Ch 16-17 reader


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Hi, folks.


We've just finished The Sword in the Tree in concurrence with SOTW2 Chapters 16-17. Very sweet tale of perseverance and courage, plus it reinforces the facts from SOTW2.


We read aloud with our DD7, who is a young second grader (she would read some and DH and I read the rest). An older or more proficient reader could do it on his/her own. My 4 yo listened along and enjoyed it, too. Includes a chapter with King Arthur and the Round Table.



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Thank you so much for this -- I just ordered it at the library.


We're about a chapter behind you in SOTW. If you have any other projects or books to recommend, I'm all ears.


I'm particularly challenged by the projects. Sometimes I get lucky and understand what SWB is suggesting, but usually I'm overwhelmed as in, "how many Michael's trips will I have to make to get that project done??" :001_smile:


But if you've done something that you love, I'd love to hear about it!


Thanks again,



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Glad this was great for everyone! We just read Marguerite Makes a Book and it was so sweet! Beautiful illustrations. I think I'll have my girls make a book like it, with illuminations on the side. Any ideas on how I could do this?


Minstrel in the Tower is good for this age/time period, also.


I honestly have neglected many of the projects -- between kitchen renovations and a special-needs toddler getting into everything and requiring lots of therapy, we're lucky to do anything extra beyond the reading. But the plague doctor masks were fun, and now that we're up to Marco Polo, I hope we can add in some more China study, too.

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