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Brock Magiscope or My First Lab Duo-Scope-which one for dd10?


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She wants a microscope for Christmas, and I want her to be able to really USE it, so one that works GREAT is a must.


I always thought I would go with the Brock but then searched old threads here and the other one has wonderful reviews too-all over the internet, actually-and is a little cheaper. I am not really worried about price-I just wondered if anyone would recommend one over the other?


She would like to use it for bigger things (bugs, etc.) and slides, and I know the Duo-Scope says it does that. Can the Brock do that? The Duo-Scope seems to come with more things and more magnifications too.


HELP-I know NOTHING about microscopes.

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I have no experience with the 2 microscopes you are asking about but here's a nice article to help you with your decision: Microscope Selection.


The first thing you'll want to decide is what she will be looking at. Compound microscopes are only really good for viewing slides whereas a Stereo microscope is good for viewing 3D objects (the 2 eyepieces will give a 3D view of the object vs the flat view of the compound).


There's a great selection of microscopes on the homesciencetools site as well as a lot of information.


HTH a bit.

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Love our Magiscope. Great probably for almost anything up to high school and would then depend on what you want to use it for. Pluses are that it is almost impossible to break, doesn't require power, light enough to lug on a nature walk for instant viewing, can be used to view objects not just prepared slides, simple for any age child to operate.


Be sure to checkout their website http://www.magiscope.com/index.htm

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