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ESL Pal....

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Not the best title, but I wasn't sure what to put. Also, I know this falls under networking, but I thought it would be better here as well. So here is what I need.


My BIL just came to live with us in Baja California, Mexico. He is from Pachuca, Hidalgo (Mexico). He is a native Spanish speaker and currently trying to learn English. He is a Sr. in high school (18) I am looking for someone around his age he could email with and maybe Skype with once or twice a week to help his English. I was thinking that if I could get him paired with someone who is learning Spanish, they could each benefit from each other. We all speak English, but since we live in Mexico Spanish is what he hears most of the time. I would like him to be able to speak with others, besides ourselves. To get him used to different accents, etc. If anyone is interested please let me know. Thanks.



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