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LOF placement


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i've looked around and can't find a thread that answers this question - as well as the lof website.


my daughter is in 8th grade, average math ability. she's almost done with the new saxon 8/7.


can i go straight to LOF algebra?

she's covered most if not all of the pre-algebra info. advice?

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Just read a thread on the high school board with the recommendation to start with fractions. I can see the wisdom in following that approach. I didn't do that with my older boys, but since I've been preparing to start Fractions in January with ds8, ds17 & ds15 have been reading/working through the lower levels and commenting that it has been helpful.

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Guest Cheryl in SoCal
i'll check that thread. i was specifically wondering if it was necessary to complete the pre algebra lof books before going to the algebra.

I would. They are excellent and the 2nd Pre-Algebra book has a special focus on word problems that I think all students will benefit from. I started using LOF at Pre-Algebra while my older boys were taking Algebra 1 and they still benefited from it. In fact, the one who LOVES (I mean REALLY LOVES) LOF went back and read Fractions and Decimals & Percents just for fun.


ETA that the author of LOF wrote the Pre-Algebra books because kids were having a hard time in Beginning Algebra, especially with word problems.

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