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Homeschooling child with Down syndrome overseas

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Hello All,

I have a 7-yr. old son with Down syndrome who has been fully included in the local Montessori school with a 1:1 aide since he started there at age 3.


My husband has the option to move to Asia in the near future and I believe it would be a good experience for our family (ds7, dds 3 and 9), however obviously the choices for our son's education would be limited as most international schools do not admit children with SN.


I have been reluctant to consider home-schooling due to my own ADHD (inattentive)/executive function issues, and I felt like I just wouldn't be organized enough to do it, along with all of my other responsibilities at home.


Given the pros of the potential overseas move, though, I am reconsidering. Additionally, I would have help with the cleaning/laundry etc. which is not (and won't be) in the budget here and that would def. takes a lot of the pressure off and would allow me to focus on my son.


Does anyone have experience with hsing a child with SN overseas, or know of any resources?


I appreciate any feedback!

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I am a pediatric physical therapist and know several families who homeschool their children with down syndrome. Here is a link to a blog with further links from there: http://barbarafrankonline.com/articles/homeschooling-your-child-with-down-syndrome.php


This is an excellent resource: http://www.scribd.com/doc/30242645/Homeschooling-Children-with-Down-Syndrome


NATHHAN is a wonderful organization for support and information: http://www.nathhan.com/


I would encourage you to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity for your entire family to live and learn together in another culture. You can do this!

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I have a son w/DS who will soon turn 2, and I have been researching the topic of homeschool and DS, also. I was also born in Taiwan and lived in Hong Kong as a young child, due to my father's work. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to live elsewhere, and my mom still wishes she had the household help she had while we lived overseas.


Good luck to you as you explore the options!


In addition to the resources listed above, here are a few others:






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