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Anyone familiar with this math book for Algebra 2? (math people, anyone else)

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The text they use in dd's Honours Algebra 2 class is one I'm not familiar with and don't recall reading much about here. It's a McDougal Little text by Larson, Boswell, Kanold & Stiff. The teacher supplements it by teaching theory.



How good or bad is it? Are there any holes in teaching I should be aware of? My dd is in ps, but I still want to ensure she gets a good math education. Apparently the program is good at the school & people have been accepted into some prestigious programs from it, but I am still unsure.

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For what it is worth, my son used Larson for Calculus. I have not seen the Algebra II book though.


Thanks. At least I know that one of their books is good. All of the honours math is geared with taking AP Calculus later. They use this text in Academic A math, too, but apparently the teacher adds theory to the honours class.

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