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Ziplines anyone???

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I just wondered if anyone have a zipline in their backyard and if so, please tell me what your review is (great, okay or don't even think about it!).


My kids are clamoring for one and I thought i ask here first.


If there are good ones, please let me know the zipline brand so I can research more on it. I know when I google zipline there are so many and also the price range is so wide between ($50 - $$300). I just want to know what people are using and I thought this place is the best when it comes to asking question.


Thanks in advance,


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We made ours from scratch. It lasted many years before we had to remove it due to hurricane and tree damage. We used a round type buoy for the ride on thing since one of our kids was pretty young when we set it up. The kids loved it. The neighbor kids loved it. Our oldest was losing interest in it when she hit 12. There was also the combined problem of a need to move it higher due to increased weight of riders.


We used a steel cable between the trees. We used rope around the trees and then connected a steel cable to that. We had a deer stand on one end (the jump off station) and a old rubber tractor tire in the cable at the other end so you would bounce back so you wouldn't hit the tree!


It was definitely a great plaything for the backyard.

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We had the same one as ChickenPatty for years. The kids loved it. We have a small backyard, so we stretched it from the kids' fort (up high) to a telephone line. The main drawback that I saw with it was that while my kids learned how to use it and I felt safe with them on it, I was always a nervous wreck when other kids were on it. We had kids drop off it unexpectedly - but fortunately no major injuries. After about 6-7 years or so of being up year-round the cable started to weaken and finally began splitting when a neighbor boy (big kid) used it. While it lasted, it was a great toy, and worth the $ we paid for it.

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Dh also built ours from scratch, using a pulley and a wire cable. He attached one end to the tree house tree (so you can stand on the ladder and reach it) and one to another tree. He sloped it up near the end so you slow down before hitting the tree. He says he needs a better pulley b/c the cable sliced thru it a bit, and he estimates it'll be about 35-50 dollars. It holds everyone--even me at 210lbs.


(OMG, did I just tell you how much I weigh?)

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