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Some funnies related to being so very sick

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I didn't think there would be much humor in all of this but I guess there is humor in everything.


I told a couple of real life friends about my ER visit and current health struggle. One of them has posted it on facebook and has contacted everyone who is even remotely connected to our church. My husband had to go to a meeting tonight and had people he didn't even know coming up to ask about how I was doing.


I had a really difficult time tonight while dh was gone, coughing and coughing and having a hard time catching my breath. I was also having some chest pain but based on how it was distributed was 99% sure it was not heart but lung. Dh (an RN) came bursting in the house when he got home and took one look and started telling me I was cyanotic and had purple lips. That's when I told him that I had eaten a grape Popsicle not long before.:D He then revised his diagnosis and decided that I'd live.


Denise - you'll love this one. Guess what dh is brewing up for me as we speak - ginger tea! And I didn't tell him about your suggestion!

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That is too funny!


Oh Jean, you take care of yourself, honey!

(The purple lips thing is pretty funny...he loves you a lot)


I didn't know you were so sick! I'm sorry to hear that! :grouphug:


The purple lips thing is pretty funny, though!


Purple lips . . . :lol:


Your poor dh!


but it's so funny.


I am now officially banned from eating purple popsicles.

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