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If you own a Flip video cam or something like it...

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Are you happy with it?


We've been in dire need of some sort of video recording device for family travels, piano recitals, soccer, etc. I'm missing WAY too much stuff!


I tried researching at Consumer Reports, but they don't seem too enthusiastic about any particular thing.


How about you???


And one more quick question... can I buy the new iPod Touch and get a decent enough video camera in that? Or am I looking at a separate purchase.


I'm so behind on technology.....


Thanks so much for any insight!

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We really enjoy the Flip. We received two for Christmas one year. We have recorded piano recitals, t-ball games, plays, days at the beach. My 7yo dd loves to walk around the house with it, interviewing her siblings as if they were famous people. You never know when you will have to pretend to be Beatrix Potter or Mary Cassatt. I have also recorded my 14 dd mid-hormone driven screaming fit. It is amazing how quickly their behavior changes if they think there is going to be some kind of permanent record. Oops, sorry about the digression there. We make the far-away grandparents a DVD of the highlights of the kids year for Christmas. It is very fun. One year, at church, we recorded all the kids sharing a scripture or a testimony and made a DVD for the parents. All with our little, older version Flip.


Amber in SJ

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We have one. But, I don't know that I would rely on it for recitals?


The zoom and the lighting would be my concerns. Maybe the newer ones are fine, as ours is about 1 to 1 1/2 years old.


We also have a bigger recorder and we reserve the flip for outdoor events, times when we don't want to carry around the big recorder bag, etc.... Maybe times when we will have a camera also, and don't know we need a recorder, but want one just in case. We did use it to record my dd's fiddle contest. But, the room had full lighting and we were only about 3 rows back. Many recitals use low lighting that requires the camera/recorder to compensate and I just don't know how the Flip would do.


We have been VERY happy using it for the purposes we intended it. We even took it skiing with us last spring and dh was able to store it in his jacket and pull it out to get some video.

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We have the oldest Flip cam. My husband won it the year they came out. I love it. Ours has been dropped, tossed about in bags, sat on many times, gotten wet more than once and still works fine. :) It is very easy to transfer video to the computer or hook up and view on the TV. You can also make still pictures from it, but it is hard to get the exact frame (although it may be easier on the newer models.)

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