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Monday night update

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Well, it was a long weekend around here. We arrived at 6:30 Friday morning for the port and I didn't go back for surgery until 11:00 AM! I'd been told there were a few people in front of me, but I didn't expect to have to wait that long. The insertion went well, PTL! I could feel the doctor putting the sutures in, but I was not aware of anything going on. They put me in recovery and brought me a meal. I was SO hungry that I broke my rule of "No more hospital food for me ever again." I really only ate the hash brown potatoes and orange juice so it wasn't that much hospital food. LOL! Then they brought me a lunch meal and I ate off of that. I have to say that the baked fish, coleslaw, and cornbread muffin were actually really good. By Friday evening, I was in enough pain that I wondered why I signed up for the port. Oxycodone didn't even touch the pain. The only way to avoid the pain was to sit real still in my recliner. So, that's where I spent the whole weekend. I was also suffering from gastrointestinal inflammation from the radiation. It got worse on Sunday morning. It hurt to breathe or swallow and nothing was helping. I called the doctor on call and did what he said to do and it calmed down some. I knew I could see my doctor Monday, so I held out til my appointment. He decided we couldn't do chemo today because that would just aggravate the gastro inflammation even more. So, chemo is on hold until things calm down. Radiation is on hold for the same reason. He gave me some fluids and nausea medicine in an iv and that has helped me feel better this evening. He also gave me some medicine (Carafate) to coat the esophagus so it can heal. The esophagus has a sunburn from the radiation. I will have more fluids this week and a blood transfusion because my hemoglobin level is low.


The nurse was able to use my port this afternoon. I am now convinced I made the right decision to have this done. It pinched, but it was a lot better than a med tech digging around trying to find my veins!!! :-)


So, several unexpected things to deal with but I am reminding myself that these have not caught the Lord off guard. He is ordering my steps through this ordeal. Pray I can rest in the assurance that He is in control, not me.


Thanks for your faithful prayers, dear friends!





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