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Coookbook with metric units

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We're working on the difference between US and metric measurements and ds asked if I could get a cookbook that has metric units of measure (since I told him that's how things are in the rest of the world). However, I'm not quite sure how to find one.


If anyone has specific titles of cookbooks (or links to where I could order one), that'd be really helpful! Basically, I imagine I'm looking for a cookbook that has mL instead of cups, temperature in C instead of F would be nifty too!


Thanks for any suggestions!

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Kid's First Cookbook

Has both US and metric for every recipe. And the recipes are great :)


I'm not sure if the Amazon one is the right one or not because our copy has a different picture and ISBN: 978-1-84681-354-2, and was printed by Hermes House, London. Maybe look at the used ones that ship from the UK?

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