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Have any of you successfully made your own marshmallow shooter?

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Yes, we made them for my dd's 11 yo birthday party this past May. My dh bought the pvc pipes and joints from Lowe's or Home Depot. I found an informative youtube video and after my dh watched it for the plans, he made about 15 of them.....large party.


Each shooter cost no more than $3.00...that was one of my requirements.....these little favors HAD to be just a couple or few dollars each.


It took him about an hour to make 3-4, but after he got the hang of it, he made the remaining 10 or so in about 1-2 hours.


HTH. Sheryl <><

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My brother makes them. When he got married a few years ago, he made them as gifts for all of his groomsmen and handed them out before the rehearsal (outdoor wedding). I wasn't in the wedding, but my kids were, so we were there as well. All dressed up for the rehearsal dinner to follow... When he and the other groomsmen accidentally discovered that my thick, super-curly hair caught and held on tight to very slight damp mini marshmallows. They had GREAT fun. ... I had a head FULL of mini marshmallows. ;)

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We've made them. Tip-we spray painted the parts in camo colors before we assembled. That way they dry and you can still disassemble any parts that you need to. Painting after might cause parts you want to be able to take apart to stick. Also, don't glue all parts together. Leave a section that you can take apart in case a marshmallow gets stuck inside (just makes it easier to get out that way). Another safety tip, you might consider rubberbanding a mesh to the mouthpiece to avoid the little kids from accidently inhaling a marshmallow.

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I forgot to say that my dh sawed all the pieces. We grouped all the pieces into a zip lock baggie. Each child at the party got their own baggie with m.mallow shooter "parts". They assembled them. I also gave them each their own baggie full of small m.mallows.


Off they went. No one got hurt. Rule was to attack from waist down to protect head area.


If I wanted to spend more time and money I would have bought special markers and/or paint spray cans (expensive) and let each child decorate their own mm shooter. They could add stickers and what not to it to personalize it. HTH again. Sheryl <><

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