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Would a ZIPFY make a good gift?

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I'm thinking of ordering a Zipfy off amazon.com and having it shipped as a gift.


It's been a while since I've lived somewhere that's fantastic for that sort of thing so I'm a bit out of the loop. They seem a bit pricey for a sled but the reviews seem decent.


Anybody have one of these and can vouch for whether:


a) they're worth the cost

b) they're funner than fun and would make a great gift

c) what age group these are best for?

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It's cool, but I'd hate to give a gift that they can only use IF it snows, KWIM?


BTW, how lazy are kids that they need this?



I remember my mom getting us this plastic brick-like thing that had an end open...it was to make snow bricks with, to build a fort. Or igloo, but Mom freaked out when we had a very short tunnel, an igloo would have had her on the ceiling. :001_huh: I think the only thing it was ever used for was hitting each other with :lol:

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We don't have them, but my dd's saw the same thing at Target the other day (different brand I think but same shape) and they both really wanted one. I think they'd be good for places guaranteed snow, maybe ages 6-12? They seemed pretty sturdy, but I don't think my big behind would fit on there. :lol: It would be easier to carry back up the hill than a standard sled, but only good for downhill sledding, not pulling stuff around the yard.

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