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DS7, language delay, reading/spelling ques

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DS7 just had his bi-annual speech and language testing. He has been getting speech therapy for years(since he was 2) for a severe speech delay. He got tested every 6 months, I would be told what his delays were and how to work with im and then do speech therapy at home. (He would hide under the table at the therapy and not work there so that is why we did it this year). ANyway, FINALLY after years of this his speech is now in the normal range for his age. I asked that they do the language testing, because he is very much struggling with learning to read/phonics. TUrns out he has about a 2 year delay in those skills. THey said it was to be expected due to his speech delay, and they are starting therapy with him next week.


My question is about reading and spelling instruction. He is currently at about a beginning Kindergarten level phonics wise, despite nearly 2 years of me working with him. Even using letter factory is not solidifying it for him. We have been working through OPGTR but we have been stuck at lesson 37 for a year now, trying to get though vowel sounds down. He is starting to pick up sight words now, and he asks how to spell things constantly.


Do I

a) move on to the next lesson in OPGTR

b) stop OPGTR for now and focus on basic phonics only

c) stop OPGTR for now, focus on basic phonics but add in a spelling program at this time

d) any thing else you can think of


I am not wanting to push him in an area he simply can not do at this time, which is why I thought about stopping OPGTR until he has started succeeding in therapy. Also he is going through further testing for learning disabilities through our school board. HE has had 1 day of it so far and has 1 more day to do before we know what we are dealing with.


I do not care if he is not reading well at this point, because he is receiving help, but I am worried about delaying all his language arts skills because of a phonics delay. So is is worth starting spelling now, or is it better to wait until he is actually reading before doing that?


I am lost on what to do with him at this point.

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