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Free online algebra/pre-algebra program

Joy at Home

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Just passing this info along, which was sent to my via my local homeschool group. Hope it's helpful to someone.


Homeschoolers now have access to a new online algebra program developed by public school teachers. This program is available to the public at no charge.




Components of the program are:

¨ Over 190 online lessons that read aloud to students,

¨ Videos with teenage honor students explaining the math,

¨ Online quizzes, and

¨ Printable cross curricular “Famous Old Dudes†worksheets which include information on where to go for extra help.

The home page is http://mathops.com/. From there, click the “F r e e Lessons†button. The first three sections are review. Please look past those first three sections to get to the heart of the program.

If you would like more information on how the program works, watch the video at http://mathops.com/demo.php[/url].

There are printable record keeping documents for pre-algebra and algebra students at http://mathops.com/records.php.

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