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anyone use Makuna honey for medicinal purposes?

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I've been asking my food co-op to try to get Manuka for a couple of years now. There are some studies that indicate it is more anti-bacterial, fungal, etc. than other honeys. It has been shown to have success with various "flesh eating" bacterias and having sports-involved kids, I'd like to know I could get it quickly if I felt I needed it....


As I understand it, it is now gaining a wider range of usage for its healing properties. It's only made in New Zealand (and maybe Australia), so it's taking some time for it to catch on here..... I think it is going to be one of those all purpose items for the medicine cabinet much like apple cider vinegar....

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I'd like to know I could get it quickly if I felt I needed it....


Regena, I bought this one today at Whole Foods - so far it's the only one I've found locally with a high enough UMF #. I found a couple with UMF 5+ at another vitamin store, but I read that under 10 is only useful as table honey.

http://www.amazon.com/Raw-Manuka-Honey-Active-15/dp/B001GI18CE/ref=sr_1_15?ie=UTF8&qid=1289169110&sr=8-15 (price was very similar at Whole Foods; with 6 germy kids I'm thinking of stocking up on more, if it does anything helpful)


Yes. For IBS-C.


Hmmm, thanks for pointing me in the direction of constipation! I didn't know that was one of the uses (one of my kids has chronic constipation, long story, which we currently are treating with a combination of probiotics and magnesium citrate).



I have a sore throat that's been bugging me for quite a while, doc did a strep test (since my baby recently had rectal strep), and it turns out I have staph in my throat. I'm on antibiotics now but I came across the manuka information on google. A couple of my kids have nasty looking throats that aren't bothering them enough for me to take them in. I'm testing to see if this reduces their tonsil size :tongue_smilie:. I won't be surprised if it turns out to be snake oil, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it does something positive :D.

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I had 34 days of bloody mucusy diarhea 10-15 times per day from aeromonas hydrophila food poisoning (thanks in-laws!).. I was on a couple different antibiotics.. nothing worked. Finally was scheduled for a colonoscopy.. Then DH told me to try his manuka honey that he used to ulcer symptoms.


The diarrhea was gone in 1 day. When I get a belly issue I take a teaspoon. When I get a sore thoat I use it. When my eczema gets really sore I smear some on.. I love the stuff!!!

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Thanks for the info! I'm glad to know it's becoming more widely available.


If manuka can cure MRSA, then I'm sold. Here is an article about that:




I've also just recently read that turmeric will cure MRSA. We had a teenage boy who played soccer in our area who died very suddenly from MRSA last school year so the dangers of it are very close to me....

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We use Manuka honey by Airborne for wounds. I've heard it's also a good probiotic as some of the PPs have mentioned.


Raw garlic might also help your throat infection. Crush a clove, wait about 10", and then eat it. If you can't stand the taste, you can wrap it in a bit of bread or cheese or eat it with some applesauce.


ETA: Btw, it is Manuka, not Makuna honey, although a good name for it might be Makuna Matata (no worries) honey.


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