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building toys...better than any other??

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We have Legos, zoobs, knex, wedgits and some magnetix. None of these get played with a lot...my daughter will play with them more than the boys, but not like I have heard other on this board say their children do. And I guess some kids are just like that...but I would think that playing with these types of toys is good for them (some how...even though I guess I honestly have to say I am not sure how)...so is there building blocks that my kids might actually play with? I don't like spending large amounts of money on these types of things only to have them be played with a lot for the first 48 hours of ownership and then left to collect dust later. Any thoughts on this for me...should I just give up and move on to something different? I am considering magnatiles and citiblocks (or the other brand that makes similiar blocks...I forget the name).

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What do your children play with? What do they do with 'spare' time other then play with the toys you listed?


the boys are into hot wheels and football. They also love music and paper airplanes.


my daughter is the creative one, she loves to do arts and crafts. She also loves to read.

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You're not alone. I have three boys ages 10, 9, and almost 7. Over the years we've had many flops - Playmobil, K'nex, Zoobs, Trio, Wedgits, Kapla, Magnablocks, cardboard bricks, Fischertechnik (yes, ouch), Quadrilla, Gears, Equilibro, Pattern Blocks/Super Mind, I'm sure there are many more I'm missing.


We have Legos and only one of mine plays with them regularly.


My guys prefer balls, balloons, masking tape, hoppity hops, "recyclables" to build with, basically a bin of stuff they can invent and make contraptions with, foam/paper/balsa airplanes, carpet hockey, wood, tools, nails, etc.


this sounds much more like my guys...but what are hoppity hops?? And where do you get your other stuff.

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DD 10, DS 8 and DS 6


My boys are 7 and 10.


A building toy that isn't like a typical building type toy - Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, Knex Education, etc., is the sets by Imaginext. My 10 year old isn't really into it much anymore, but used to love these. They have all different types - we have a lot of the castle and pirate related sets. They are all interchangeable. My 7 year old still plays with these sets regularly.


Here is a couple of examples of the sets, in case you are unfamiliar with them:








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Do you have the generic legos (plain bricks), or do you have sets that are things your kids are interested in?


For example, if they like Star Wars, do you have a Star Wars set?


My kids like Legos, but they most like playing with the bricks that come in the special sets. They don't really like Atlantis, so they don't really play with those bricks a lot. But they love Star Wars and they love the Space Police ones and play with those bricks all the time.



My kids have K'nex and played with them for about a year every day and then suddenly just...stopped. Now they won't touch them. They play with the Lincoln Logs and Tinkertoys for a few minutes once every couple of months, when I pull them off the shelf. (I put them on the shelf, because if I left they out they wouldn't touch them at all.) We've had a couple other building toys in the past and they were never very interested.



Currently, they love the Legos (the sets, as I said above) and Bionicles. They will build the bionicle on the box, and then mix and match them into new things. They play with these toys constantly.


My point: I guess some kids just don't like to build with certain toys, and some might not like to build at all.

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