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I saw Tim Hawkins tonight!

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Tim Hawkins was in Kokomo, IN tonight (which happens to be where I grew up), and a bunch of us went to see him. That man is SOOOO funny. He had some new material, but even the old material still makes me laugh. I really needed a light-hearted night! :lol: :lol: :lol:


HA! We were there too! It was a good show. We were there in July when it was supposed to happen, but then the power was out. Were you there then? We just found out from the pastor that the power came on 15 minutes after they called that show off.

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We'd love to see him someday too! Last 4th our friends stayed her until 4am watching you tube video's on our TV (via wii) after the fireworks were over! It was so much fun! That was the first time I really saw his perform (never connected the homeschool family to him before that). I am doing the happy dance for you! ;-)

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He's going to be performing at the hs conference in Greenville in the spring. I was wondering if I should get tickets, if it'd be worth it. From the sound of it, maybe I should!


Megan - We are going too!!! Is it just you or your whole family? It'd be great to meet up with you!! This will be the first time we bring the whole family to a homeschool conference - but we all love Tim Hawkins and we've got tix for the 8:30 show.

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