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Anyone online who can help me can this applesauce?

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I'm canning applesauce and notice that there's a bit of applesauce in the boiling water. The jars are in the canner and covered with water and it's just begining to boil but not at a full boil yet.


I've only ever canned tomatoes, greenbeans, and jelly/jam before and never noticed this food in the boiling water before.


? What do you think? Is it a problem?

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I just went to a canning 'class' last thursday put on by two moms from one of the homeschool groups. They even showed us applesauce.


Sounds like jar it came from was too full. I agree with pp that it may not seal correctly.


What she told us on Thursday was, if you're in doubt about something that day as you are doing it, you can always just re can it. When the others are done, just re-do that jar. If you don't know which jar it is, then just re do them all. No biggie, just takes a little longer.

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