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Gifts that kids can make

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I haven't read the other threads (I will though, we're at that age!), but if you have a laminator, my DD8 loves making bookmarks for people. We have some good white cardstock, and we cut the strips, she decorates them or draws pictures in them, and then we laminate them. This Christmas we're going to make some and punch holes at the top to tie ribbon or yarn through.

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I just went to Michael's tonight and bought a couple of wooden Christmas trees that are made of those soft wood pieces you put together like a 3-D puzzle. We are going to spray paint them in varying shades of green to give a mottled effect.


I bought a few small porcelain redbirds and 3-D snowflake like flowers to hang on it as ornaments. Also a larger star to hot glue on the top.


We're going to collect the tiny cones from our hemlock tree and spritz them with spray on adhesive, then sprinkle on cinnamon. We'll hang those from the trees, too, along with some acorns from our yard that we'll guild first....

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One year my older dds made flower pot pen holders.


Buy 4" flower pots.

Inexpensive capped pens.

Green florist tape.

Silk flowers.

Dried black beans


Paint pot to match decor.

Fill with dried black beans (this is the "dirt")

Remove caps from pens. Throw caps away.

Tape stems of flowers to pens with florist tape. Wrap in a spiral to cover pen. The flower will stick up from the bottom of the pen.

Stick several "flowers" in the dirt for storage.


This is a great way to keep a supply of pens on a desk, by a phone, or in the family room. It looks cute and your pens don't walk away. My mom still has hers and we made it over 10 years ago.

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This time of year I go to Michaels, and using their 40% off coupon I buy nice sets of ornaments that the kids can bead (not the cheesy wood ones they paint, although those are nice for kids to do, I find they're not as well received) and have them give them away with a nice homemade card.

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A favorite gift in our family is the decorated candle. You would need to buy plain candles and the Decorating Wax. A box of this wax will decorate MANY candles.


A young child can simply attach stray bits of wax to a candle (as shown at the link above) while an older child can design a scene. These make great gifts since recipients can either choose to save the candle or use it!




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The kids have made fridge magnets from those clear "flattened out" marble-like things (What ARE they called?!), a bit of magnet tape, and pretty pics/patterns cut out of magazines/scrapbooking papers. They are fabulous! And the magnets are really powerful, so they work better than my regular fridge magnets. The kids plan to make more of them and give them as gifts.


AHA! These: http://www.notmartha.org/tomake/marblemagnets/


Dd likes to bake a variety of Christmas cookies and package them up in pretty tins for her grandparents.


This year dd will be making tie-dyed shirts for some friends.

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