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quick! Need input!

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If you were buying a twin sized mattress for a 5 year old boy for his very first "big boy" (twin sized) bed, would you opt for a softer mattress or a firmer mattress?


My son's 5th birthday is tomorrow, we bought him a very nice used loft bed for his birthday present to replace his toddler bed with crib mattress, and my husband is going to go to Big Lots to get him a mattress in about an hour.


The two choices there are:


a Serta Arrington Firm Twin Mattress for $99.99




a Serta Boulevard Plush Twin Mattress for $149.99.


He'll have this for YEARS. Do I go with firm or plush? Does it matter? Help! :)

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I would buy the plush. Plush usually means it has a pillow top over a somewhat firm mattress. Also, if you are really getting a mattress that will last for years, make sure you get something very comfortable! On many occasions, you will probably be lying on that bed, too!!! (Storytime, illness, nightmares, etc...)


I would not buy a cheap rock of a bed!

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Argh mixed reviews lol. I don't know what to do. I feel like 'plush' sounds more COMFORTABLE, you know? The "plush" one says:


Convenient EasyCare

single-sided, no flip maintenance


Comfort Foam

Unique foam layer that provides cushioning comfort while maintaining resilience for durable support at the sleep surface.


Soft Convoluted Foam®

Air flows freely through this layer of foam so it maintains its resilience for consistent comfort every night


Sertapedic® Coil Innerspring Unit

Heavy-gauge, twice-tempered coils provide durable support to the key pressure points of the body



Helping to keep families safe by exceeding federal and state flammability standards

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I hope I'm not too late!


Don't buy a mattress that is single side because it says "no flip". Really it just means "CAN'T flip". It is the same as a regular mattress, just with ONE plush side.


If you choose not to flip, it doesn't matter if it is single or double sided or not...

Of course you may WANT a mattress that you can flip if there is an 'accident' and you need it to be flipped. :glare:

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Plush. No need to flip - get a good waterproof mattress cover. Inexpensive mattresses without any special top are not comfortable. May be okay for a few years, but as he gets older, it will sag and the spring feel will be there ...


But if you already bought the firm one, don't worry! Get him a cool comforter and he'll never even notice. :D

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