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Christmas present ideas for 8 y/o: small or consumable

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We have enough permanent "stuff". I got rid of much "stuff" to move into our smaller house. I kept: legos, wooden train tracks, tinkertoys, kapla blocks, the marble run, zoobs, stuffed animals, Snap Circuits, and books. Last Christmas he wanted, and got, a Christmas music box (small). The Christmas before that he got rockets (consumable).


I am running out of ideas. He already has a tool box with saws, hammers, etc. of appropriate size but permanent quality. He loves to build crude wooden things in the garage, and we do have a bit of room out there for something that is not entirely small or consumable. Any kits, etc. should be ones he can do by himself (we have plenty of parent-assisted projects in the works.:tongue_smilie:) and of good enough quality they actually assemble, instead of having to be put aside because they are cheap plastic that doesn't quite have good enough specs.


I thank you for your help.

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How about a Make Your Own Gum kit? Yeah, you'd probably have to help him, but it really only takes about 15 minutes. You do it in the microwave and then knead in the powdery sugar, and then cut and wrap the pieces (which he could do entirely alone).


Maybe a digital camera? You can get one for about 30 bucks--don't know if that fits the bill.


Maybe a science kit he can tote around outside?--make him a nature/science bag out of a cut off leg of many-pocketed pants and put a pair of tweezers, a collection jar, a couple field guides, and maybe a pocket knife in it.


Ooo--maybe those clips that you use to make forts with? I know your house is small, but they can be taken down every day.


I'm not very helpful!

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How about bird seed & the corn cobs for squirrels. He could use his wood materials to make a bird feeder & squirrel feeder. ETA: Maybe a book like this to go along w/ it?


Other consumable stuff is art stuff, if he likes things like that -- paint, pad or two of paper, new markers, etc....


ETA: Other consumable things: movie tickets, tickets to a show or sporting event, certificate for a restaurant that he loves but never gets to go to, etc....

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Make your own Birdhouse - I think we got our ds one at Home Depot a few years ago. Then you can hang it outside or he can give it as a gift. It can also be painted (more fun) ;).


Stepping Stone molds- needs assistance, but doesn't take long. I've done these with my kids and placed them around the sand box. They can also be placed in landscaping.


I mention these because another challenge with making things is that the kids want to display them leading to more STUFF. At least these can go outside. ;)

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