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Settlers of Catan or Carcassonne?

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My 7 year old can play both and my 5 year old can play Carcassonne. Personally I like Settlers over Carcassonne but there is something to be learned from both games. Both games can be played in less than an hour and have definite end points. Carcassonne scoring is harder because you try to get the most points, where Settlers you are racing to the goal of 10 points. Both of my kids are required to do their own scoring with Carcassonne and have very few problems.

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If your kid is experienced with games, and is patient enough to play a fairly long, complex game where you may not be able to see the strategy until you've played a few times, then Settlers. If he's less experienced, less patient, then Carcassonne.


Or, put another way, Settlers is more complex than Carcassonne. If you get C. this year, then you can get S. next year, if you see what I mean. Yes, you can do it the other way around, but I think that's the logical progression.

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