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Does anyone have a Silhouette SD?

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Dh and I are thinking about getting one as an anniversary gift to each other. He would use it, too. (no, he doesn't scrapbook, but he refurbs old metal military canisters (can't remember what they were orginally used for, maybe artillary cases?) and puts the new ABU design on them. (tiger stripe as opposed to BDU.)

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Yep, that's where we are planning on buying it. We are members of MyPoints and get, I believe, one point for each dollar spent, so that will be a nice bonus.


AMMO CASES!! That's what they are! That had the potential to bug me all.night.long. (and I work a 12 hour midnight shift tonight, so that would have been many hours of trying to remember what probably no one really cared about anyway!) :lol:

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I've not even heard of that. :001_huh: I have a CriCut that I have and love. Is this that much better? :bigear: Wait. I'm not sure I want to hear the answer. :tongue_smilie:


I love this blog. She shows tons of things she does with hers. It does more than diecutting too. It can also cut any truetype font -- so no need to buy cartridges for each font you want.




You can download free shapes to cut, and you can buy them from the Silhouette store. If you pay $9.99 a month, each shape download is only 40 cents! No need to buy cartridges or store them.


Here is some info:


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