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Need suggestions for computer game for tween girl

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Hi, all!


I need suggestions for a computer game (PC based) for a girl that would be appropriate for the 11-14 year old range. It needs to be interesting and have no violence whatsoever -- not even mild violence as in some Lego computer games. (She already has the Zoo Tycoon games).


I sure need some help here, as I am clueless on this subject. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks a bunch! :001_smile:



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hmmm...given the older age range and the request for not even 'mild lego style' violence, i'm wondering if there might be some special needs or something at work here? i'm not asking to be 'nosy' ~ i'm just asking because if there are, it might help for people to be aware of that when it comes to game suggestions. :) i'd have suggested looking for some trivia type games, or word play stuff - but i don't know if those would be appropriate?


if there isn't, okay. if there is - might help to add that info.

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