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Ever Have The Desire

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For something just totally not 'you'?


Here's what I mean. I loooooove boots. I'm talking the sleek leather with the heel humina humina boots, not the freakin' 'its -50 and your toes are gonna freeze without your 3 prs of socks under Skiddo boots chic that is the winter gear must around here.


I want ridiculously impractical Wonder Woman boots, darn it. And if I can ever figure out how to suck in my calves and thighs enough to do the zipper up, I'm getting a pair.


Sad but true story: a date night w/Wolf. He'd sent me out shopping, demanding I get nice things for myself or he'd let Diva hit Walmart and pick out my new wardrobe (she was 9, and her tastes were...well...garish). I found 'pirate' boots that fit 10 mins before store closed.


Get home, thrilled to death, get dressed, pulled on one boot, went to put on the other...and discovered I had 2 left boots. I ended up wearing sneakers for pity sakes.


Upon returning them and the sales clerks looks of dubious concern that I was allowed in public unescorted, it was of course determined no boots were left in my size.


I'm doomed to eternal boot lust. :(

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I want boots. Alas, I have my Grandmother's sturdy, muscular calves. I haven't been able to make myself shell out the money online for wide calf boots. I also have Grandmother's square, hobbit like feet, so finding boots that would fit both feet and calves that don't cost a fortune seems highly unlikely. I'm afraid forever doomed to a bootless life :nopity:.

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Boots this year are awesome!

I went to get a pair, but left the shoe store with nothing because I could not make up my mind. There are too many options for an indecisive person like me.

My dc want me to get the over the knees type :001_huh:...do they not know me?:lol:

I think I will go with some knee high ones, though.

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Yep.. and partly because I was never allowed to do anything a little crazy as a teen! I wanted purple streaks in my hair, a nose ring, and gothic style clothes.. na-na. It wasn't even worth asking them! Even ordinary things like having ears pierced were out of the question. (I rebelled at the age of 28 and finally had them done. ;) )


But - in a few months, I and my two older DDs ARE going to do something crazy, and ask people to sponsor us for it. Well the first bit isn't crazy, it's great, but the second certainly is. When our hair has grown such that the pony tail from the band down is over 10in. long, we are going to cut it off and give the hair to a charity that makes wigs for people who have had chemotherapy and lost their hair. Having done that, we are going to have our hair cut in a really short style - something really unusual - and also have it dyed different colors. I'm having mine done dark purple; DD11 is having hers done in dark blue and blonde streaks, and DD9 is having hers done dark red. :D We're really looking forward to it!

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