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Changing Math programs?

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I usually lurk and soak up the advice here but now I have a question of my own. My 10th grade dd has always wanted to be a Vet. Recently, she attended a Civil Air Patrol activity at Auburn University. She spent a week learning about engineering and applications. NOW she has decided that engineering is where she belongs. I believe she is very serious about this decision.


We have been using TT math our high school aged children and have been happy with it. However, with this interest in engineering, I think my dd should switch to something else. She is currently about halfway through TT Alg 2. Could I have some recommendations on which program to switch to and where to start? All my children use Saxon through 8/7. Would Saxon be a good switch?


Thank you


Mom to 6 ages 8-18

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Hi from another Susan :)


You have to go about halfway through TT Precalculus to get a true Algebra 2 program. Maybe put her in a more rigorous Algebra 2 program now?? I say that timidly because math has been one of our hardest subjects to get a good fit, and if TT is working for you, I am a little scared to say jump off... But if it is very easy for her, then figure out if she likes Saxon's format or a traditional text going in sequence format. But, Jann in TX our resident math expert says it is hard to jump into Saxon at Algebra 2.... You could also finish TT Alg. 2 and part of their Precalc by this year and have 11th and 12th grades to get a different curriculum. That would work too.

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It is hard to jump into Saxon at Algebra 2, BUT not impossible. My son did it. He took 2 years to do the Algebra 2, but went on to their Advanced Math and Calculus. He also majored in EE in college with no problems.


I can be done, but it will be hard. Mine had never done a Saxon book before Algebra 2. If you are already familiar with the Saxon method, it might be easier.


I also know one girl who did Saxon in the earlier grades, did MUS for Algebra 1, and is back to Saxon for Algebra 2. She did get a hold of a Algebra 1 book to review the geometry concepts in it. She is doing fine and understanding it.



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I'm not familiar with TT. But since your daughter has done 8/7, the next in line would be algebra. She has hopefully covered most of this with the TT courses, but she may not have. I would suggest getting the algebra text and letting her test until she gets to the point where she needs to fill in some gaps. If you get the 3rd edition, the lesson numbers will be referenced with each test which is really helpful when you have to go back and learn something specific. Hopefully she could get through the algebra in a month or so at most, and then she could move onto Saxon Algebra II. I'd have her do the same with this, and test until she's not getting 80 to 85 percent and have her check out the lessons on anything she gets wrong. The beginning has some review, so she may be able to get through a little of the book before doing the full lessons. Then just have her do the lessons one a day, and if she does a test the same day as a lesson, she'll probably find that she won't be far behind by the end of the year.


HTH :)

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I see 2 options...


Switch to a new Algebra 2 program NOW--or Rework a 2nd Pre-Calc program after TT's Pre-Calc.


For engineering your dd will need a good grasp at the basics--especially Algebra 2... so I would probably suggest switching to a new Algebra 2 program NOW...as my favorite option. Should be very possible to complete it by June.

A switch to a traditionally formatted program would be the easiest--like another poster said I do not recommend working Saxon Algebra 2 if Saxon Algebra 1 was not worked--and there are MANY other programs just as rigorous as Saxon, but easier to switch into. I personally like Lial--but Foerster would be my next pick.


Option 2... work through TT's Pre-Calc then re-do Pre-Calc with a program that has a more typical Pre-Calc scope and sequence-- TT's Pre-Calc is mostly Algebra 2 with a light INTRODUCTION to standard Pre-Calc concepts. A good foundation of Pre-Calc will make her engineering math classes so much easier to understand! I'm a big fan of broader and deeper instead of just the minimum information (like TT's approach). This could take one whole school year--or if your dd is exceptionally brite--possibly one semester.


Either option would give your dd a great foundation for college level Maths.


Just for clarification I would like to add that there have been students--naturally gifted in Math--who have been able to take the minimum information presented with TT and go on to do just fine in college Calculus.... but the odds are MUCH better for a deeper understanding and better application if the foundation is more secure. I taught from ABeka's high school program at a private school--I had several students go on to degrees in Electrical Engineering --and ABeka's high school math program is much weaker than TT's. These students learned highschool math (Pre-Calc and Calc) ON THEIR OWN in order to work on some 'hobby projects' (like computer programming) while in high school... they did NOT learn the math within the classroom!

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