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Do you have a schedule for bread-baking, yogurt-making, etc?

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I recently made myself a schedule for cleaning. I realize it's not the same thing, but I just wanted to encourage you to make a schedule after figuring out when things needed to be done.

Give yourself some room for adapting, meaning, first week of the month, yogurt, 2nd week bread,so you can do it whichever day works bette for you that week etc. (My schedule is one room or part of the house M-F, but I could easily combine two areas if I had something else I had to do one day a week. )

I realized by giving myself a schedule, I knew every day what needed to be done and then I could move on to the fun sewing projects waiting me in my sewing room without that guilt of knowing there is something that needs cleaning.

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I've found that scheduling food things doesn't work for me because we're not consistent enough in how fast we go through anything (unlike cleaning, because I know the bathroom is going to need to be cleaned at a certain time). And since they really take so little active time to make, it doesn't bother me to just make more bread and yogurt or whatever when we run out of them, or when we need them. I got tired of hearing that we were already out of bread when it wasn't the day to make it, or I'd not actually make the bread on the right day if there was still another loaf around.


If I did have a schedule, then bread, yogurt, flatbread, tortillas, peanut butter, chile paste, and pickled cabbage would all be on my list.

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