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Good Dr.s report yesterday.

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I had a 6 month recheck of my blood work.


My A1C level is within normal range! ( 5.6 down from 6.1) My Dr. was thrilled.

I have lost some weight, but that is an ongoing process here.

Some of you recall I am seeing a weight loss allergist specialist.

I have definately concluded wheat is an irritant for me. It causes IBS symptoms and fluid weight. Even a tiny bit.......:glare:

And it takes days to get out of my system.

I have also cut out sugar and dairy, which is easier for me to do than wheat.

I did pick up a magazine called Living Without while at the allergists on my last visit. The Holiday edition has some great ideas and recipes for holiday meals that I am going to incorporate.

I am going to experiment with gluten free bread for the stuffing and see how that goes over!

I found Sami's bakery online and have placed an order with them, but am also starting to experiement with baking my own gluten free bread as it is so expensive to buy it! Altho with only me eating it on a limited basis, it's not so bad.

Maybe we could start a thread with some "living without" type holiday recipes..

gluten free, dairy free..etc..

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