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NASA and homeschooling

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My dh and son are at Cape Canaveral right now waiting to see the shuttle launch...

Cross your fingers it happens today! They've been there waiting since Saturday.

OK, not just waiting - dh's aerospace job sends him to NASA reguarly and this time he and ds got to rewire the old Apollo tracking station...

To us it's the stuff of HS dreams!

It's also given other families at the hotel they're at a reason to think about hsing according to dh....hopefully in a postive light :tongue_smilie:Ds is a energetic 8yo after all - not always the best advertisement for Hsing as a product :tongue_smilie:

So, cross you fingers for us - I'm ready for them to come home full of father- son adventures to share but mostly just ready for them to come back - it's been 3 ear infection, 1 case of poison ivy that needed steroids, 1 dislocated elbow, and now a sinus infection. I am soley supporting the Dr's in this area!




ds 8 dd 6 dd 3.5 dh rocketman

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