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Has anyone done this before?

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My mom has homeschooled my little siblings ages 5 and 7, but then she wanted to put them back in school because they weren't learning too well at home. So they went right back to school this year. Then my little sister would have huge fits because she didn't want to go to school so my parents pulled her out and are homeschooling her again. Now my little brother (7) doesn't want to go to school anymore either!! He was doing so well, and now he wants out.


I don't understand why, he has so many friends, he does well in school, and he has a great teacher and the school is small and friendly. (I went there and it was the best!)


Has anyone homeschooled, put their kids back in school, and then homeschooled again for this reason or others?

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Your brother is probably is a little jealous that his sister gets to stay home. If they weren't learning at home was it because your mom wasn't doing much teaching? Maybe they found home was easier than school. These are just total guesses.


You are right on that actually. School was acomplete change from home, and I think it is just starting to become too much for him. My mom doesn't really do much of the teaching, and it was easy for the kids and they liked it. He told me that he likes home better because it was easier, I find school at home not easier, but more relaxed. There's no rushing through work, so this works well for me. He just likes that he doesn't get a lot of work!:tongue_smilie:

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