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Ug, I screwed up!

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Well I found a special with both great seats and great price for Radio City music hall christmas show. So I booked it for this Sunday. It's early in the season, so there were more seats and honestly, it just worked out better for our schedule. I even booked a 10am show so we could then spend the day doing whatever we wanted.


Normally going into the city is super easy. But not this weekend.


First off, there is no Long Island RR service. They never close down lines like this, but last weekend and this weekend they are doing major upgrading, which is good. Unless you needed it to get into the city! LOL!


So the railroad is out so I figure we'll just drive in and park. No problem. Except it turns out this is also NYC marathon weekend! And they run from Queens over the 59th street bridge back into Manhatten.


So the 59th St. Bridge is out. That leaves the Mid town tunnel. Except that will be pulling traffic that would usually be using the bridge, and it'll have more traffic than usual for that time on a Sunday with people going in the marathon.


So now I think, we'll just get up even earlier (luckily we get that extra hour Sunday morning!) and drive into queens and park there and just take the subway from there. Not a horrible option. Traffic getting to that area shouldn't be too bad. We just know nothing about Queens really and don't know about where to park or anything. And the lots that are owned by the parking lot company I know/use/trust doesn't open till 11 on Sunday and closes by 6.


I'm thinking maybe we'll take a car service. They'll drop us off and pick us up right at the subway in Queens. In the end that many only cost us about $20 more than parking and the tunnel.


I don't know what we're going to do. If anyone has dealt with race day traffic and has suggestions I"d love to hear them. It's like the fates are out to get me this weekend! LOL! This was supposed to be so simple! LOL!

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