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ancient literature/history discussion ?

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I am trying to give myself the classical education that I never had, but am struggling with Ancient literature. Since my children are still young I do not have anyone IRL to discuss them with. Does anyone know of a forum for discussing ancient literature? I would prefer something free.


I would also like some kind of history and lit curriculum/guide such as history oddyssey, MFW, that I could do independently that does not cost much. Any suggestions??


For writing is there an online forum for that too. Where someone would look at my writing and critique it?




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I don't know if I can help, but I've started the same thing. I'm reading through History of the Ancient World and then moving to ancient history and literature, starting with Herodotus. I started a blog too, hoping to start some kind of conversation about the whole project, but have had some medical problems and haven't updated it recently. You're welcome to stop on over there - http://www.wrestlingwithbooks.wordpress.com if you want to take a look. Maybe we can keep each other on track? I've also listed a reading list/syllabus.


Good luck!

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For literature, I would go with good books of Greek and Roman myths, retellings of epics like "The Wanderings of Odysseus," "In Search of a Homeland," and "Black Ships Before Troy," extensive reading of the Bible, and a few biographical books by Miriam Greenblatt that include bios, life and times, and some original period writing--"Hatshepsut" and "Alexander the Great" and "Julius Caesar" would fit that timeframe.


Story of the World 1 is an excellent spine for youngish children to study ancient history.

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If you don't mind me being a terribly inconstant correspondent (as a few people on these boards can witness), you can always PM me, just be prepared to remind me to reply if I don't get back to you in some reasonable time, or else I get carried away with children, theses, mentorships, translations and so on and forget.


I can help with writing, from the point of view of style and arguments (not with grammar as I'm not a native speaker and I butcher the English grammar quite a lot myself :tongue_smilie:), on most topics regarding classical antiquity (esp. Greek drama) or Italian literature.


Not sure if it helps, but there, you have that option too. :)

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I started a yahoo group for this sort of thing:


Unfortunately, it never got very active. It probably needed a lot more people. So it would be great if lots of people showed up over there and started discussing, but I'll be surprised (unfortunately) if it happens. I've also joined several other groups that were supposed to talk about these, but they all seemed to die from lack of participation.


I would think that this forum on the WTM board might be your best bet. It seems that when people post questions about this sort of thing here, it does spark a discussion. The title of this forum does include "self-education" so I don't see that it would be out of line. I'd be interested in seeing more posts about self-education.

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