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MCT Love Thread


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One character can only speak action verbs, the other only linking verbs--write a conversation. I assigned the verbs to the kids, & they wrote down their half of the conversation.


Have you seen the Disney Sword in the Stone, where the two magicians are fighting ea other, only they're kind-of more like 2 kids making up problems to hurl at ea other & making up the rules as they go, too?


Oh. my. gosh. They were so funny I videotaped them. I mean, they'll never believe me when they're grown that they loved grammar this much.


J fears G.


J IS a supersonic jet! Wait! No! A solar-powered supersonic jet (lest G make J run out of gas.)


G, w/ a grin of victory, The sun sets. :smilielol5:


Ok, so I couldn't help it. I worked as an arms dealer here & there. I may have suggested the running out of gas. But then when J put G "on a volcano on the other side of the universe," & I suggested that G make J fly his supersonic jet over her massive volcano & then use the lava to shoot him out of the sky, I did NOT see J bringing *me* in as his volcano-deflector. :svengo:


Then he tried nihilism. "G is not." I suggested she become, but G just grinned & said, "Now you can't do anything bad to me," & proceeded to make J crash into trees & dress in pink, while he was powerless to reciprocate, since G had ceased to exist.


Do I need to tell you that they begged for an extra 30 min to do it AGAIN or that they now copy some of these "games" in the van on the way to the library?


Even 2yo, upon walking through the room & hearing the mirth, looked around, threw back his head, & let out a hearty laugh. What else could he do?

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