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Your fav audio books for 5-6 yo with speech delay/ sensory integration issues?


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He loves Farmer Boy but hates anything Pooh. I thought it would be the opposite as he does not seem to have a long attention span .

He was covering his years the whole time with Pooh , but not with FB .


The therapist said audio books might help w/speech delay , so I'm trying to get as many as I can from the library , but I'd like good recommendations .


Any suggestions appreciated!

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This is very interesting! My daughter also has a severe speech delay. She listens to audio books (old Disney Peter Pan, Cinderella, Fox and the Hound,101 Dalmatians,etc.) in the car. Recently, she has started to say the words of the story, at the same time. We've been listening for a couple years (over and over and over:w00t:). Shorter books might be too babyish for your guy but I think its helped my daughter because she now has them memorized and tries to talk along with the narrator.

Take Care,


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I have to recommend my favorite audio resource. We have the CDs called "time to sing'. It is commonly sung songs for children done in a very clear manner. The music is often regular speed and the singing is done half time. It made things so much easier for my son. He could sing along for the first time.


I think there is also a christmas carol one.


It used to be available on Amazon but it seems no longer. If you google 'time to sing' and apraxia you will get some hits to speech therapy sites. Your kid doesn't need to be apraxic to enjoy them.

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