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New to HS-8th grade


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Ok, my son has been in a public virtual school up until this upcoming Jan bc we are moving and starting a military adventure. I have no experience with traditional homeschooling, just the curriculum that they have at Connections Academy. My son is in 8th grade, but at 6th grade math. He has many executive functioning deficits, a diagnosis of Bipolar and ADHD, hates to write, needs something fun, but it has to be something I can step back from. I am incredibly busy as it is, I am a full time student myself and CA is not really working very well anymore since he is refusing to write, especially with math! He thinks he knows it all and can do it in his head! I feel like everything about this kid is so complicated. I need to finish out 8th grade with him since we are being dropped when we move and then figure out something for high school. He needs consistancy and loves technology. I was thinking about using Bridgeway Homeschool Academy for 2nd semester since they apparently have all these curriculum options and customizations. Now I am kind of at a doubt bc I am seeing Teaching Textbooks and thinking wow, that would really teach him his math. I was also looking at mathathlitics? I NEED help! Any suggestions would be great. I am going nuts bc we are going to be gone all of Dec and moving in Jan so I need a plan! Thanks!

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we started with 2 4th graders and 1 6th grader (now 6th and 8th) and it has been a joy. I never used an all-in-curriculum but started with literature-based Sonlight for history and reading and built from there with many of the suggestions from this board like Mammoth Math, MCT, IEW and more.


For math specifically - we've used Videotext Algebra and now Geometry for the 8th grader; for the 6th graders we started with Math Mammoth (excellent program at a fantastic cost but got a bit stuck toward the end of 5th) and switched to Teaching Textbooks 7 which has lectures and interactive exercises and quizzes. I love all the math programs we've used - VT Alg/Geo is a mini-lecture with exercises and tests - my now 8th grader tested very well on the SATs with those - made CTY thru Johns Hopkins. My twins, who are not math whizzes at all, both tested at 99% (100% right) on the CAT in June.


But I digress ... my real point is that I've have enjoyed being with my kids and exploring history, science and fieldtrips. Now there have been moments when I want to scream and lock my kids out of the house but overall - I love it and don't want to give up my kids again ... although my oldest wants to go back to traditional high school. Sad for me - but he's ready. ANyway, enjoy this time with your teen ... I have!


I've reread your question a couple of times and hope I've offered some helpful advice ... I guess the most important thing to remember is to not be a slave to a particular curriculum but to teach your child that learning can be fun (and that kids are diverse and need to be taught in the manner that works for them). I've switched around math and science and other subjects quite a bit (altho we've stuck with the whole book learning idea for reading/literature/history) ... something that works at one time and for one kid, might not work under a different circumstance. I love being able to adjust so quickly to different situations - we had a great public school experience but the ps cannot change things up so quickly as we can. That is what makes h'schooling so wonderful!


I'm sure you have your child's best interests at heart ... just go with your instincts and don't be afraid to tailor the curriculum to your child and not the other way around!

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