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How do you make the switch to classical?

Pam B

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Okay, so I've been really *wanting* to switch over to the WTM way, the problem is, I can't seem to switch! I've read the books, I've planned, but I just can't seem to actually DO it! After homeschooling for 8 years now, I am finding it really hard!


Our regular way of doing things isn't a set in stone sorta thing. It's just different books I've chosen based on the child and what I want the to learn, of course.


Currently- my youngest two, both boys, grades 6th and 7th, are using the following curriculum:


Write Upon My heart (Character / Bible)

Saxon Math 7/6

Growing with Grammar

Soaring with Spelling

Vocabulary Vine (5 roots a week for memory work)


Building Thinking Skills


Aristotle Leads the Way (science)

Science Detective

History.... nothing right now...


Online geo quizzes from sheppardsoftware.com

......and lots of reading..........


I would be happy if I could just do the WTM way for geo/history. So what IS my problem???? Does/did anyone else have this prob?

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I don't think you're that far away. I agree with dropping all but Megawords. Are you doing a writing program? I don't recognize anything in your list as writing.


You could start by doing history the WTM way with narrations and outlining. That would get your writing in and you wouldn't need a separate subject for it. Add narrations to your kids' writing... working them into some early lit. analysis. I'm not familiar with your science, but if it's working you might not want to do anything with that right now. I wouldn't change too much at once.


I'd just choose a couple things you want to integrate from WTM and go for it. As you and your dc get used to those things add in some more. I'd take it slow though... be sure to help them to learn the skill necessary, otherwise it will be frustrating for you all. (ie. narration, outlining, dictation if you choose to do it...) If you have the latest edition of WTM SWB gives great suggestions of how to incorporate writing/lit analysis into history.


Good luck! :D

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I've been changing a little at a time. Just try changing the way you do one subject and get comfortable with it. Then change another and another until you've got it the way you want.


I agree with this. We're a work in progress and use bit of WTM in different ways. We do our history with narrations, etc but have broken from the cycle to hit American history this year. We use copywork and dictation but ala mom not WWE. We will begin Latin in Jan. I've put it off because we are doing Spanish. We like CLE vs R&S and Saxon but picked what we found rigorous. I think it's not set in stone and like most things you need to pick what works for you.

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My main goal (short term of course) is to do history as SWB suggests. We did start last week with outlining. They have done three years of IEW, so I am not worried about jumping in too deep with that.


My idea was/is (?) to start with the lower grades format of WTM history/geo and work it through for this next semester then move them up to the grammar stage until they are at the level they are suppose to be at.


Has anyone else started in the middle and played catch-up like that before? Did it work?


Thank you

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