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Exciting announcement

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I'm going to be an Aunty by tomorrow free-jumping-smileys-606.gif


Technically, I am an Aunty already. My step-brother has three children but I've only met two and only once. My father is estranged from his children, so not much involvement.


And also, the baby isn't blood related. But I am really close to this family and so ever since we found out she was pregnant, I've been known as "Aunty Stephy".


All that considered, I am still really excited for my "first" niece. I'll actually be in her life- babysitting, loving, celebrating birthdays and holidays, spoiling. This time around, I'll actually do all the things an Aunt does. So, I am very excited.


Her name will be Karma-Leiana and I'm expecting a call any moment to tell me when the c-section is.


She has been in the hospital since Tuesday night, was supposed to be induced this morning but the water broke at 3am without any Pitocin. She isn't dialating as quickly as they would like, so they're going ahead with the c-section. I just got home from being with her. I've been there since 6am and am going back 6am tomorrow, to see her and hopefully my beautiful niece, as well. :001_wub:

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