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Sneaky kid! (re:school work)

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I sent my 12yo off to his father's this morning so he can leave early tomorrow for a surprise trip to DC. While packing up some school work to be done while his brothers are in school, I discovered he's been skipping a bunch of his science workbook and vocab. Half my fault for giving the kid an inch!


So I put a binder and the books he needs in a bag and go upstairs to finish my coffee. As ds and dh are walking out the door, I call down "Don't forget your books!" "I'm not!" is the response, but I can hear the eye roll.


30 minutes later, dd reports that ds has left the bag on the dining room table. Dh and Ex both tell me, just as I suspected, that he's showing all the tell-tale signs of having done it on purpose. :glare:


The kid better enjoy his trip, because next week is going to stink for him!

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