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Need painting help please

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For my ds11 birthday, we painted his room. He picked a beautiful dark blue color. After applying one coat, it looked seriously patchy, as in you could tell where color on the roller had gotten thinner or thicker. So we applied a second coat and were very careful to keep things consistent. It looks alot better but still patchy in a few places. We really do not want to buy another can of this paint. It's the 0 VOC paint and it cost over $20.00 a gallon. I don't know how to fix this. I was thinking of sponging the wall but have no knowledge of how to do it or if it costs effective. We have a little bit of the original paint left, do you only need a little to sponge? And can you use the same color or do you need another shade?


We are all ready to put his room back together. He's been living in our room for a week while his is painted. lol And I need a cheap and quick solution please!


Thank you for any suggestions!! :)

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Do you have enough to roller over the really patchy parts? When I changed my kids walls from white to eggplant and rainforest green, I had to do 3 coats, and I bought really good paint.


I'm not sure what you mean by sponging. Were you just planning to use the excess paint with a sponge to go over the patchy parts, or were you thinking of doing the sponge faux finish? If you want the sponge paint look, you need to mix a different shade from the wall color in with some glaze before you sponge it on. That takes quite a bit of paint also.

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I didn't even think of the simple answer of rolling over the lighter areas. :lol: That is a much better idea than the sponging thing. Yes, I was thinking of the sponge faux look and am not interested in that much work. I will try the third roll over and see if that does the trick.


Thank you for an easy answer. :D

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