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The movie Adam??

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My oldest sister just called me and told me that she watched this last night and that she thinks our 18 yos really needs to watch it. (adulthood transitions are not going smoothly here)


My sister has never really been around our ds since we don't live any where near each other, so our relationship is basically via phone and her understanding of ds and Aspergers is from our conversations.


Have any of you watched this movie? I am going to have to buy it if it is worth watching b/c I can't find it locally. I have no problem doing that, but I would sorta like the perspective of someone who actually is living with Aspergers before I actually purchase it.



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I rented this movie from Netflix. I enjoyed the movie and found it very relatable, even laughed aloud several times. My son with Asperger's just turned 12 and I hope that he will be a bit more functional, in a sense of being more flexible, than the main character of the movie but I thought that it was a fairly good representation of Asperger's in the world and possibly in personal relationships. I enjoyed it, it was a kinda girly movie - about feelings and progression of a relationship - I don't know how a guy would like it, but I would say worth a shot!

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My husband and I actually saw this in the theater - we had a chance for a date and it was the only interesting thing playing! We loved it but are not recommending it to our teens as there is more sex than we are comfortable with. At least, I would be very uncomfortable watching it with them!

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