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Favorite Saint Nicholas books?

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And a question! What is the most that we know to be *fact* about St. Nicholas beyond that he was Bishop of Myra, etc. Are any of the stories true, such as the one about St. Nicholas secretly providing dowries for three poor sisters so that they wouldn't have to be sold by their father? I'm just wondering how he made the leap from saint to Santa Claus over the centuries if he wasn't truly a very loving, generous man and if we know which stories demonstrating that generosity might be true.



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Not a book, but I love (and my kids loved when they were younger) this DVD Nicolas: the Boy who Became Santa http://www.adoremusbooks.com/nicholastheboywhobecamesanta-dvd.aspx?zmam=46742494&zmas=1&zmac=2&zmap=91302


It's a Catholic production, but there was nothing in it that ran contrary to our Protestant faith that I recall. I really loved it!

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