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This is what we've done so far for my high schooler:

9th MOH - World History

10th World Geography

11th Notgrass Amercian History

12th Notgrass Civics, Economics


Now looking ahead, I'm trying to decide what to use with my youngers... My Father's World or Mystery of History or Notgrass...


For my youngers: (which I like to teach together when I can)

3rd, 2nd, K MFW Adventures (Am. History)

4th, 3rd, 1st MFW ECC (Geography)


5th, 4th, 2nd MFW Creation to the Greeks OR MOH 1


6th, 5th, 3rd MFW Rome to Reformation OR MOH 2


7th, 6th, 4th MFW Explorers to 1850 OR MOH 3 (haven't seen MOH new format)


8th, 7th, 5th MFW 1850-Modern OR MOH 4


9th, 8th HS World Geography (using various sources)

6th MFW ECC (Geography Advanced/Older Child)


10th, 9th Notgrass World History OR MOH 1-2

7th MOH 1


11th, 10th Notgrass Amercian History OR MOH 3-4

8th MOH 2


12th, 11th Notgrass Civics/Economics

9th Notgrass Amercian History


......., 12th Elective

10th HS Geography



11th Notgrass World History



12th Notgrass Civics/Economics


So MOH or MFW elementary and middle school?

MOH or Notgrass for HS?

These three are so close in age I'd like to school them together when possible.



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Hi Meredith,

Did you realize that MFW high school includes Notgrass for 9th & 10th grades? MFW stretches Notgrass World History out over 2 years by adding in quite a few other resources, including reading the entire Bible, a book on Pharaohs, an Usborne "history encyclopedia" for lots of details, the Iliad & Odyssey, etc. (Some of this carries over into the Bible credit and the English credit.)


In 11th-12th, MFW uses a BJU textbook for the history spine, which brings it up closer to a pre-college experience I think. They use the one BJU text for the 2 history semesters, and also add in a semester of civics and a semester of economics. I don't know much about those two years, but thought I'd throw that into the mix.


I have a MOH text that I thought I'd add in back in the day, but never did. It just doesn't seem like high school to me? It summarizes the Bible and that seemed over-simplified even to my son in elementary, but he's a big Bible fan. It does refer you to read them again in your own Bible, I think. MOH seems to have a lot of review and other history blended in, which is similar to what Notgrass does, I think. MFW also adds a timeline and some mapping projects, which MOH probably has, to. But I'm really just guessing here & hopefully someone who's used MOH in high school will know more.



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